Stacey Backpacks The World book

One woman’s search for adventure and proof that dreams really do come true!

When I was a child, I dreamed of travelling the world, meeting fun people, discovering unusual animals and exploring exciting places. In 2010, my dream came true when I set off on a year-long back-packing adventure around the globe!

As I documented my travels to far-flung places, a new dream to publish and share my stories was born. I have now brought many of my most treasured memories back to life in this beautifully illustrated children’s book, Stacey Backpacks the World! Inside, you will discover tales of drinking Thai tea from a plastic bag, cave tubing in Laos, scuba diving in Vietnam, cuddling koala bears in Australia, swimming with sharks in Fiji, meeting a famous astronaut in Texas and riding yellow cabs in New York! It is a truly epic adventure. I hope you will love these stories just as much as I enjoyed experiencing them. May they inspire to you follow your dreams, wherever they may take you!

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