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By welcoming self-care into our lives, we can prevent emotional, mental and physical burnout. If we don’t learn to make ourselves a priority, the risks may include emotional fatigue, metal breakdown or suicide. I believe in the power of story-telling as a way to enhance our mental wellbeing. I have met many brave and beautiful souls over the years whose stories have inspired me to accept, love and care for myself. Having learned so much about the importance of self-care and its joyous benefits, I now have a deep, burning desire to encourage others to put themselves first.

Stacey drinking cacao


At each full moon, we gather with mamma cacao to celebrate and connect to our warrior selves.

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New Moon Circles cards

New Moon

At each new moon, we come together in a sacred space and turn to the wild for wisdom and guidance.

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Reiki healing


Prioritise self-care with oracle card readings, guided meditations, Reiki healing and more.

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Peaceful Warrior School workshop in South Wales

Warrior School

Live the life that is meant for you with simple yet effective rituals and practices.

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Preparing for workplace wellbeing event


Boost productivity and growth by creating a harmonious and happy workplace.

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Copies of Stacey Backpacks The World with milk and cookies


Read about my exciting global adventures in the beautifully illustrated Stacey Backpacks the World!

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Writing in journal at wellness workshop


Each item is made with love to help you create the positive life you desire and deserve.

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