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In 2019, I became an accredited CIPD HR professional. I have since combined this knowledge and experience with my extensive wellbeing training to create a unique support programme for the workplace. The aim of these sessions is to help employees work with a true sense of purpose by reducing stress or conflict within the working environment, encouraging greater collaboration with colleagues and improving overall mindset and focus. Creating, maintaining and supporting a positive mindset within the workforce is typically linked to greater employee retention and increased productivity. Enabling employees to adopt good self-care rituals could have a substantial impact on the overall performance of your business.

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My Workplace Wellbeing programmes can be tailored to suit the exact needs of your employees and organisation wherever you are in the world. Each session is designed to boost self-awareness, increase self-confidence and encourage a strong team ethic amongst colleagues. Using traditional wellbeing tools and holistic therapies, I aim to create a harmonious and happy workplace.

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