New Moon Circles

Circle Dates 2024 - 12 Jan, 9 Feb, 8 Mar, 5 Apr, 10 May, 7 Jun, 5 Jul, 2 Aug, 6 Sept, 4 Oct, 1 Nov, 6 Dec

At each new moon, we come together in a sensuous and sacred space for guided meditations, sharing, intention setting and more. We meet alongside a worldwide network of circles in association with the Wild Women Project (WWP).

During our monthly New Moon Circles, we unite under a common theme of each new moon, which we explore in our own ways. I will guide you through two relaxing meditations to calm the mind and set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle. I will bring our gathering to a close with an Oracle Card Reading.

My New Moon Circles are held on the Ground Floor at the Caerphilly Miners Centre, The Miners, Watford Road, Caerphilly, CF83 1BJ.

Checking cards
Woman sat in circle
Group of women raising their hands

WWP founder, Chris Maddox, created a global gathering where, "All personal inner work is woven into the collective experience." The circles are not associated with a singular path or religion; this is an inclusive coming together of women from any cultural or spiritual background. We gather as a sisterhood, ready to empower on another. We respect for the wildness of earth and turn to the teachings of nature. Co-creation is central to our practice; we co-create life on earth, just as we co-create our shared experiences in circle. As heart-centred souls, we make time for the release of laughter and tears. These peaceful gatherings deepen our connection to other women and nature.

The Wild Woman Project "Together, we turn to the wild for guidance and wisdom.

That is: The Wild Within (the inner voice of truth) and The Wild Without (the cycles, qualities and teachings of nature itself).

In our time together, I will ask you to go beyond who you’ve been told you ‘should’ be and heed the call of your heart, as wild as she may be."

Chris Maddox, founder of the Wild Women Project

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